Leonardo DiCaprio’s – Before the Flood

Acadamy award winner Leonardo DiCaprio and Director Fisher Stevens have recently completed a new feature-length documentary examining the impacts of global climate change.

The film follows DiCaprio and Stevens across the world where they discuss the impacts of the momentous changes currently underway, with world leaders such as Barack Obama and Bill Clinton as well as climate scientists and academics.

“Each year is getting hotter than the next and now is the time to act on this issue,” Leonardo said. “We are at a real turning point, not only in human history but as far as the manipulation of our planet is concerned due to global emissions. We need political leaders to really take a stand.”

In the trailer below we see DiCaprio and friend discuss the future that we have set for ourselves. The movie is scheduled for limited global release in October. Check your local press for details.

Whilst we may think of Leonardo DiCaprio as just another actor, in fact, he is very heavily involved in conservation. The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is an organisation he founded in 1988 with the mission of protecting the world’s last places. Leonardo recently was designated as the United Nations Messenger of Peace for Climate Change and received the 2014 Clinton Global Citizen Award. In addition to founding LDF, Leonardo also serves on the board of several environmental organizations, including: World Wildlife Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council, National Geographic’s Pristine Seas, the funders’ collaborative Oceans 5, and International Fund for Animal Welfare.


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