Beach Cleaning – What’s the Point Actually?

A friend of mine recently made an interesting point, “Why do you still bother beach cleaning? More trash will just get washed up the next day and your efforts don’t make any difference in the big scheme of things!”

Fair enough! But then it got me thinking about why I still bother after 3 years of cleaning?

Beach Clean – El Nido, Palawan and Hainan Island

Recently, we have been lucky enough to go exploring. First to Sanya, on the tropical Island of Hainan, located off the South coast of the China. Then, to a small town called El Nino in Palawan, Philippines. These islands, a little over 1000 km’s from each other, are both nestled in the South China sea. Even, though they share a lot of similarities, there are some very different attitudes about plastic pollution.