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We wanted a green planet, but we have a brown one.

One Brown Planet curates a space to inspire, empower, and educate about environmental issues.

We bring you the hidden stories of environmental change happening in Asia. Unsatisfied with simply talking, we give you the tools to improve yourself, your community, and ultimately our dirty world.

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Environmental problems began to concern mankind relatively recently. With the growth of industry, mankind, on the one hand, has the problem of increasing pollution, on the other hand - the growth of current welfare, which allows us to pay attention to more long-term problems.

On the 25th May, WRAPTIE™ and One Brown Planet was a proud sponsor and Co-host of the 2019 Taiwan National Cleanup Event (TNCU). 20 Locations Across Taiwan 600+ Volunteers 8600kg Trash Collected It was an incredible effort from so many people, especially the main organisers Taiwan Adventure Outings and the sponsors Quicksilver and Roxy Taiwan and Titoma. …

Why should we care?

I like to travel. It has probably been my most enjoyable pastime. Ever since I can remember, I was always wanting to escape from my house or school and explore the world.