Food Waste – What Does It Really Cost

Here’s an interesting fact. In developed Countries, we waste over 1/3 of all our edible food. That’s up to 120kgs of food waste per person, every year. Are we mad?

Developing Countries

In developing countries, it is a different story altogether. The UN estimated that only around 10kg of food is wasted per person, per year in African countries. However, due to lack of efficient transportation and storage, an even more unbelievable 40% of food is wasted before it even gets to the consumer!

Let’s Get Smarter About Food

It is very easy to point the finger at other people sometimes when we read about droughts, famines and deforestation oversea’s. But imagine if we could suddenly reduce the amount of food we buy by 1/3. What a difference this would make for everyone, especially our pockets! Think of the money you would save if you spent 1/3 less on food!

Check out this infographic from  and learn a bit more about the impact of food waste and some of the things we can do about it now.

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Cost of Wasted Food Infographic, courtesy of