What a Waste!

one brown planet, mountain of waste

One Brown Planet recently interviewed several families of varying sizes from around the world about their food shopping habits. We also asked if they would collect all the disposable plastic that they use in a single week and send in a photo.

The results were quite suprising!

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Population Explosion! The end of the world as we know it. Or is it?

If you have looked out of your window recently you may have noticed lots of people. It’s  true, there are a lot of people out there and by all accounts, there are lots more appearing every day. But the question is, do we have too many people? Will over-population finally destroy civilisation as we know it? And where does it all end?

Well, maybe things are not going to spiral quite as far out of control as some of us think. It turns out there is actually some very interesting news afoot and it looks to be inevitable.

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Why should we care?

one brown planet, major wager, sunset, sailing, yacht

I like to travel. It has probably been my most enjoyable pastime. Ever since I can remember, I was always wanting to escape from my house or school and explore the world. I started small of course, exploring the woods at the back of my house, building tree houses and pretending to be an adventurer. Gradually, as the wanderlust continued to grow, my trips become more adventurous and moved farther afield.

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Bedell Guitars – Seed to Song

I wanted to share a story about a very good friend of mine, Tom Bedell, who I had the pleasure of working for, on board the yacht Major Wager. Starting in 2008, for over 1 year, we cruised around the Pacific ocean’s, on the most incredible adventure.

Tom Bedell is the founder of Bedell Guitars, a company he first founded in 1964 and later relaunched in 2009. Bedell guitars are the manufacturers of some of the most beautiful sounding guitars in the world.

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Why Pay More?

Reduce, reuse, one brown planet

By Paul McNeil

Too many of us make price the bottom line when we buy something new.  Too few of us link price to quality or consider the implications of always searching for the cheapest goods.  While it is not always viable to buy the most expensive product on the shelf, here are ten good reasons why not to buy the cheapest one either: Continue reading “Why Pay More?”

Leonardo DiCaprio’s – Before the Flood

Acadamy award winner Leonardo DiCaprio and Director Fisher Stevens have recently completed a 20160927 - Before_the_Flood_(2016_documentary_film)_poster.jpgnew feature-length documentary examining the impacts of global climate change.

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