A Return to Earth – Our Natural Environment

Butterfly, one brown planet, a return to earth
Written by Annie Hsiao-Wen Wang

As an abstract painter, I draw ideas from a wide range of resources; ranging from music, poetry, performance, to various other forms of creativity. But there are some sources of inspiration that may be surprising to people who are not familiar with how a painter works: regular meditation retreats; yoga sessions; the texture of a worn, hundred-year-old door that is in desperate need of restoration; or the iridescent glint of the fluttering wing of a butterfly.  Continue reading “A Return to Earth – Our Natural Environment”

Life Before Plastic

one brown planet, old fashion family, before plastic

We always seem to be looking for the next great solution for all of our global problems. With bewilderment, we stare at the monumental challenges ahead, trying to comprehend how it is even possible to find a solution for global warming, plastic pollution, mass extinction and all the other great issues of our time. The weight of our responsibility bears down heavily on some of us.

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52 Ways to Reduce Your Environmental Footprint – 10. Dress for the Occasion

man with banana

Around 50% of all your energy bills go towards heating or cooling your house. So before you reach for the thermostat, why don’t you run check through our list and make sure you have the easy options covered! Let’s try and increase energy efficiency not decrease, you’ll be saving money and the planet!

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