The 2018 Challenge – Raising Money for Days for Girls

On 14th July 2018, Mark Blackburn from One Brown Planet will be challenging himself on the worlds most difficult road race, the Taiwan KOM Challenge.  The goal is to complete the challenge and raise awareness for the charity, Days for Girls. In the process, we aim to raise USD 5500 to support this amazing organisation.

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 The Charity – Days for Girls

Have you ever had to decide between buying essential sanitary products or feeding your children? 

Every month, this is the decision Dianne has to face when she gets her period. Every month her boys know that food will be limited because she has to purchase pads. If she doesn’t, then she cannot go to work and cannot make enough money to feed her family.  

It’s a decision millions of girls like Dianne have to make every month. But it shouldn’t have to be like this. No-one should have to choose between their health or food. 

Days for Girls is a global foundation which works with vulnerable women and girls from over 110 countries, providing health services and education. Through this incredible charity over 1,000,000 women and girls around the world — have been given back their dignity, health, and opportunity through menstrual health solutions and education. 

Vanessa Lawless has been working for several years with the Days for Girls charity in Thailand doing some incredible projects – But they need more money. In 2018 we are going to try and raise USD 5000 which is enough to buy almost 400 kits for the girls.

Vanessa Lawless Teaching

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The Challenge – Taiwan KOM

DATE: 14th July 2018

The Taiwan King of the Mountain (KOM) Challenge is billed as the worlds toughest bicycle climb!

But just how tough can a bike race really be?

The race starts at 6 am, leaving from Hualien on the East coast of Taiwan and continues along 105 km’s of the most agonising hill climbing in the world. From the start at sea level, the race ascends up through more than 5500m of Taiwan’s stunning mountainous scenery, finishing at the dizzying height of 3275m.

Energy sapping low oxygen levels, a brutal Taiwanese summer heat and continuous climbing for up to 9 hours, this truly is the worlds toughest challenges.

Mark Blackburn is challenging himself to not only climb this mountain but also to help raise awareness for Days for Girls and raise more than $5000. Please support him and the incredible charity, Days for Girls, by donating below.

Strava Route: 2018 Taiwan KOM

Mark Blackburn on the left (In black)


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