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Sustainable living is a lifestyle that fits within the Earth’s resources. We provide information and news about issues that concern us all and tools to help solve the problems at hand.


The Making of The World’s Largest Plastic Crochet Sea Turtle

This is the culmination of a 2-year project.

The world’s largest plastic crochet turtle is made entirely from waste plastic and was designed and made by artist Annie Hsiao-Wen Wang. The sculpture was made in the hope that it will bring attention to the issues sea turtles and other marine life endure. Every day we continue to pollute our oceans with million’s of tons of plastics and more.
To read the full story and what motivated Annie to spend 2 years making this turtle click here.

What will motivate you? 

Also visit Annie’s website at: www.anniewangartist.com

Everything we do has an impact. Now that we are 7.5 billion people, tiny changes have a dramatic impact.  And for the 80% of us that live in cities, we are interconnected with the world around us. This means that everything we do has an impact that is felt somewhere else. When we drink water, aquifers are drained. When we eat food, land is cleared and pesticides sprayed. Like it or not we are in this together.

We need sustainability to be part of our everyday lifestyle.

Unfortunately, a truly environmentally friendly lifestyle is out of reach for most of us. But green living can be obtainable by all. Our aim is to make sure that sustainable living and being green is just as easy as the alternative.  Take some time to go through the site and read our stories and helpful money saving tips. Hopefully, they will inspire you and educate you, so you can appreciate what sustainable living can look like.

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