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“Poly” is the world’s largest crochet turtle and he is touring right now, raising awareness for plastic pollution. Be sure to visit him to find out all about plastic pollution and the damage it is having on the marine wildlife.


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October 20th – NMMST Crochet Coral Reef

Event: World Environment and Ocean Day @ NMMST

Details: Poly the Turtle is part of this year’s Crochet Coral Reef exhibition at Taiwan’s National Marine Science Museum.  Poly The Turtle gets to help and spread the word about protecting our oceans!
The opening was a hoot and so great to see that 17 schools and 9 community groups around the country all getting involved with the crochet fun. Big thanks to artist Sue Bamford and the staff at NMMST for bringing it all together ❤️ The show runs until 3rd January, 2018.

Location: National Museum of Marine & Science Technology (NMMST)

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July 22nd – World Environment Day

Event: World Environment and Ocean Day @ NMMST

Details: Poly the turtle is once again at the NMMST for the postponed World Ocean and Environment Day. Joining in a day of activities in Keelong.

Location: National Museum of Marine & Science Technology (NMMST)

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June 4th – World Ocean Day

Event: NMMST Showing of “A Plastic Ocean”

Details: The second in the National tour for the screening of “A Plastic Ocean”. Poly the turtle joined in helping raise awareness for plastic pollution, to a full house!

Location: National Museum of Marine & Science Technology (NMMST)

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May 27th

Event: Taipei Premiere “A Plastic Ocean”

Details: On the 27th May 2017 the Australian documentary, A Plastic Ocean, was premiered in Taipei. Translated into traditional Chinese especially for our event, more than 250 people arrived to watch one of the most powerful stories concerning the global issue of plastic pollution in our oceans

Location: Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM)

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7th January 2017, Until May 2017

Event: “Monga Longshan Cultural and Creative B2”

Details:  Mayor Ko Wen-je presided over the opening ceremony for the Longshan Temple Visitor Information Center and Longshan Mall Cultural Base on December 20. The cultural base will form part of the “Zhongzheng Wanhua Revival Plan”.

Location: Long Shan Temple Station B2 (艋舺龍山文創B2)  – MRT Exit 1 (Down the stairs) 108, Taipei City, Wanhua District, Section 1, Xiyuan Rd, 145號  (Google Link)

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4th December 2016, Until 7th January 2017

Event: Remant @ The Redroom

Details: Visual Dialogues XIII, Devoured 吞噬 –

T.K. 及 Anne Hsiao-Wen Wang 為我們合作獻上雕塑創作以促使大家面對人類在消耗資源過程中對我們環境造成的影響。
Annie 的 work, Remnant (殘餘), 是一隻重100多公斤,高4.1公尺完全由回收居家及工業塑膠所製成的海龜。Remnant 探討地球的海洋物染問題並質疑拋棄垃圾的文化。

T.K 將透過四枚小型木頭雕塑品來探討動物權益及素食主義。此為,他也會在此畫展現出關及各種議題的畫作。

Artists T.K and Annie Hsiao-Wen Wang bring together their sculptural installation works to engage in a conversation on the effects of human consumption on our global environment.
Annie’s work, Remnant, is a 4.1 meter giant sea turtle weighing over 100 kg, made entirely out of recycled plastic from domestic and industrial waste. Remnant explores the world’s sea pollution issues and questions our disposable culture.

Location: Red Room –  No. 177, Section 1, Jianguo S Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106   (Google link)

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29 October 2016, Until 11 November 2016

Event: Remnant @ La Bella Vita


此次展出是藝術家王筱雯 Annie Hsiao-Wen Wang 首次發表新作品 『Remnant 遺留』,  這件作品是是一種呼喊, 為海洋也為海洋裡所有的動物。 現場也展出了Annie王筱雯近年其他『 源』 和『覓』等系列的作品, 在她的抽象油畫裡顏色的層次隨著當下的光,視覺和心一起變化, 可看到深邃的空間感, 以及靜謐空靈的氛圍, 足可讓人掉進冥想中…。


La Bella Vita in Taichung, Taiwan proudly presents the debut showing of Remnant, by artist Annie Hsiao-Wen Wang.

This work is about questioning our disposable culture, and the excessive human consumption of our times. It is a battle cry for our oceans, and for all the animals of our seas. The materials used in this work are all industrial, commercial and domestic waste plastics collected from factories, shops and friends.

Also showing at La Bella Vita is a collection of Annie’s recent paintings from her “Seek” and “Origins” series.

Location: La Bella Vita, corner of Shizheng North 5th Rd and Huizhong 3rd St, Xitun District, Taichung City, Taiwan  (Google Link)

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