Beach Cleaning – Why Bother?

On the 25th May, WRAPTIE™ and One Brown Planet was a proud sponsor and Co-host of the 2019 Taiwan National Cleanup Event (TNCU).
    • 20 Locations Across Taiwan
    • 600+ Volunteers
    • 8600kg Trash Collected
It was an incredible effort from so many people, especially the main organisers Taiwan Adventure Outings and the sponsors Quicksilver and Roxy Taiwan and Titoma. So, from all the team at One Brown Planet, thanks! Continue reading “Beach Cleaning – Why Bother?”

DIY Baby Wipes – 52 Ways to Reduce Your Eco Footprint #20

DIY Baby

“Wet wipes don’t flush and make up 93% of matter causing UK sewer blockages”.

Not only that but they contain rash causing chemicals and are unsustainable. Stop trashing the planet and baby’s bum and make your very own Baby Wipes. #20 on our list of 52 ways to reduce your eco-footprint are these natural, chemical free and easy to make Baby Wipes.  Continue reading “DIY Baby Wipes – 52 Ways to Reduce Your Eco Footprint #20”