Video Resources – Environmental Documentaries

Below is a curated list of videos and environmental documentaries which we hope will both educate and inspire you to make the change to a more sustainable lifestyle. We plan to grow this collection over time and welcome suggestions for new and interesting videos you want to see added.

One Brown Planet Projects

A list of all the projects that One Brown Planet has worked on. You can also find these on our Youtube channel.

Free Environmental Documentaries

A collection of beautiful, inspiring and powerful environmental documentaries discussing some of the challenges the planet is facing today.


Paid Environmental Documentaries

Some of our favourite and most awarded environmental documentaries of recent times. Discussing many issues including sustainability, food waste and global warming.

TED Talks

The list of TED talks is endless but we have selected some of our favourites for you to view. Suggestions on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle, including a few that inspired me to act directly.