How Women Struggle – Living on $10 a Day

The minimum daily salary mandated by the Thailand government increased this year to THB330 (US$10) a day.

Could you live on $10 a day?

$10 a Day – Making Ends Meet

Life In The Slums of Thailand
Life In The Slums of Thailand

Imagine, as a mother of a family, 2 adults and 2 children. All you have to spend is $10 per day. Do you think you could live on this?

With $10 a day could you buy enough food for 12 meals and then pay your rent and electric or gas? Could you afford to buy clothing and school books for the kids then pay for travel to work or school as well as any household necessities you need? What about medical bills, emergencies and unplanned expenses? Could you find a way to pay for these?

Ok, so maybe today, somehow, you managed to pay for most of what you need, all too soon it is the time of the month again.

So, now you have a choice. What do you give up in order to pay for sanitary products? Do you feed your kids less food so you can buy some pads? You need to pay rent otherwise you will be evicted, so maybe you don’t send the kids to school and save on these expenses instead?

How would you like to make these decisions every month? Living in poverty is stressful enough without having to make these choices.

Days for Girls – Changing Lives

Days for Girls is an organisation fighting to change the lives of the poorest most vulnerable people by providing reusable sanitary products free of charge. Poverty is a desperate situation for everyone but more so for women who struggle even more during their monthly cycle. Having to decide between the health of your family or your menstrual pads is an unfair disadvantage.

Fortunately, though, this is something we can fix.

This year we are trying to raise $5500 to provide menstrual kits for up to 500 girls. A DfG menstrual kits, provides girls with all they need for their monthly cycle.

These kits can last up to 3 years, are completely sustainable and environmentally friendly and best of all, frees up valuable cash which can be used for other necessities such as food and medicines.

Seeing The Impact

By Karen Caulfield

“Last week we drove to the Burmese Border to visit a school started by Women With a Mission. Bronwyn Carey and 5 volunteers set to work, teaching, repairing furniture, doors and gutters. I was asked to talk to the teachers about their use of Days for Girls washable pads. Marla and Blue Poe said they used the pads every month and they found them easy to use and clean, so much better than the cloth they used to use before. It was too expensive to buy pads and now they can wash and reuse them. Along with the Kits, each girl had gained valuable knowledge and a rare opportunity to share their stories and experiences in a safe space with students. They were now mentors for the younger generation. They were very shy at first about sharing there story but you could see by the smiles on the faces they were happy to be given the Days for Girls Kits and no longer had to stay home or miss a day of school because of something so natural.”

Get Involved

How would you like to change someone’s life? A small donation at our fundraising page can make all the difference and help give these young women and girls more respect and lessen the load of their incredibly tough lives.

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