Goodbye Thailand

As our time in Thailand comes to an end, I thought would be nice to write a few words about our incredible time in this most beautiful Country.

Although we moved to Thailand ready for life as an “Ex-Pat”, things turned out a little different to how I imagined.

A little over a year ago, for some reason, I started picking up trash from the beach, right outside our Condo. I guess I just couldn’t stand it anymore, the mess that people had made. I beach_clean_koh_rin_20160508-34just wanted to try and make a difference, even just a very small difference.

beach_clean_koh_rin_20160508-6Now, one year later, with enormous help from family, friends and colleagues, over 6 tonnes of rubbish has been removed from the beaches in Thailand, an incredible effort! A special thanks for the efforts of Gwyn from Dive Tribe -Thailand and Project – Koh Rin Island and all of my friends, both willing and sometimes not 😉 and of course my wife Annie Hsiao-Wen Wang 王筱雯, who continues to give up her free time to help.

And now it seems this project will continue, with the very kind help of Sarah Collie who has agreed to carry on with Gwyn. I can’t wait to see the new photos from the next event and feel humbled knowing that people care enough to carry on. Please stand by for all the news updates on One Brown Planet for the next event, expected sometime in August/September.

Cleaning the beaches has had quite an impact on me, perhaps more than I realised. So much in fact, that I have now decided, after 15 years, to take a break from the automotive industry. I think it is time to try and make a difference and to give back a little of what I have taken over the years.beach_clean_koh_rin_20160827-5

So we have decided to move, and head for Taiwan.

The plan is to try and create a global on-line volunteering network, which I hope will function as a tool to help more people than ever connect with each other. For people like us who want to help but are never quite sure how.

In addition to this on-line tool, I am planning to develop another business, which will aim to reduce the waste in our society before it makes it to the beach!beach_clean_koh_rin_20160508-2

As these projects develop I will be sure to keep you posted. So please like and continue share our page at One Brown Planet for updates. For these projects and also the next beach clean in Pattaya.

Thanks Thailand, for everything, it has been a blast !

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