Beach Cleaning in Thailand – Video

Finally, Beach Clean The Movie!

Such an awesome day. Big big thanks as ever to Gwyn from Dive Tribe -Thailand and Project – Koh Rin Island for organising and helping out and of course Matias Berra and his crew from for the film clip and editing.

Hopefully, you are inspired for the next event in August/Septemeber withSarah Collie and Gwyn Mills.

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3 thoughts on “Beach Cleaning in Thailand – Video

  1. Matias Berra

    Can’t believe this is almost a year old now! Thank you guys for such an awesome day, it does feel amazing to try and do something good for the environment after all the damage we have caused! Hope to see you again one day back in Pattaya. We will still be here, we are definitely not going anywhere 🙂

    Good luck and thank you for your awesome efforts to clean up the world!

    1. Guest Author

      Great memories! Many beach cleans later we are still having fun!! Still plenty of trash though 🙁

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