Beach Cleaning – Why Bother?

On the 25th May, WRAPTIE™ and One Brown Planet was a proud sponsor and Co-host of the 2019 Taiwan National Cleanup Event (TNCU).
    • 20 Locations Across Taiwan
    • 600+ Volunteers
    • 8600kg Trash Collected
It was an incredible effort from so many people, especially the main organisers Taiwan Adventure Outings and the sponsors Quicksilver and Roxy Taiwan and Titoma. So, from all the team at One Brown Planet, thanks! Continue reading “Beach Cleaning – Why Bother?”

Asbestos Waste Reduction and Impacts of Waste

Most of us are probably unaware of the dangers of Asbestos and in particular safe Asbestos Waste Reduction. Did you know that Asbestos is still regularly found in many homes over 30 years old?  Virgil Anderson, who now suffers from asbestos cancer, has written extensively about this issue and writes about what we can do if we come across asbestos at home or work.

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Taiwan Cannot Develop Renewable Energy While Secretly Subsidizing Fossil Fuels

A good friend of mine, Nate Maynard, based in Taiwan, recently wrote an article for The News Lens. In it, he discusses the implications of a Government trying to make the switch to renewable energy. A Government that on the one hand recognises global warming and all the health-related implications that go with it and on the other hand, heavily subsidies the fossil fuel industries which leads to some of the lowest energy prices in the world. This excellent article emphasises some of the struggles Governments face within their organisations with outdated and ineffective policies, cronyism and outright corruption.

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