Beach Clean – Koh Rin, Thailand

Another awesome beach clean with the team from  Project – Koh Rin Island and One Brown Planet. Today we had 24 volunteers and spent a great day snorkeling, eating great food from Baba eating house. And of course, cleaning the beach at Koh Rin.



beach clean, koh rin, one brown planet, thailandThis month, the beach clean concentrated mainly on fishing gear. Fishing gear tends to get washed up after the local fishermen get it snagged in protected area’s. There is literally tons of this fishing gear washed up on shore and tangled in the reef and mangroves on the shoreline. It is especially important to clean up this gear mainly because of what it is designed to do, which is catch things. Unfortunately, once it is tangled it continues to catch more garbage and other animals, choking the local eco-system.

Still, 200kgs of fishing gear is a great start for one day of beach clean!beach clean, koh rin, one brown planet, thailand

Gwyn Mills from Dive Tribe -Thailand and his team once again working hard to try and rebuild the reef. We are happy to report that it is still in a good condition and great for diving and snorkeling.

Beach Clean The Movie

This trip, everybody was excited to have been filmed for the whole day by Mattias Berra and his team from We can’t wait to see the photos and video from the day. And yes, I will be posting it as soon as I get it!

We feel so blessed to have spent the beach clean day with everyone on this our last trip to the Islands to clean. I hope the project continues once we are gone. The Islands and nature this beautiful really deserves to be looked after by someone.

Thanks again for all the support from Dive Tribe -Thailand, Baba eating house, Tree Tales and Project – Koh Rin Island.

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